Is Carrot Oil Good For Skin

Carrot Oil for Skin

Carrot oil is an important ingredient in most of the skin care products. They are capable of adding moisture or antioxidant protection to skin. There are mainly two variants of carrot oil – carrot seed oil and carrot root carrier oil. Both are similar in nature and has same properties. They can soothe your skin and help in preventing wrinkles or stretch marks from appearing. The abundance of nutrients in carrot oil makes it a wonderful aid for taking care of your skin.

How to use Carrot Oil on Skin?

Carrot oil thus made can be used in many ways. We will discuss some of them here.

  1. As Directly : Insert 4-5 drops of carrot seed oil on a bowl and apply them gently to your skin. It is better to use them at night. This will help to reduce thin lines and wrinkles in skin.
  2. Carrot Shampoo Bar : Yes you heard it right! A highly effective shampoo bar can be made with the help of carrot oil, milk and honey. This shampoo can help you keep your skin smooth and moisturized at the same time.
  3. Create a Carrot oil Lotion : There is no other better way than applying the carrot oil all over your skin. And lotion is the best way to achieve that.

Now that we have discussed in detail about the various properties and methods through which carrot oil can be used effectively. Let us see what are the precautions one must take while using carrot oil.

Things You Should Remember

Carrot seed oil should definitely be avoided by pregnant women. As it may affect the health of both the child and mother. Apart from pregnant women, those people suffering from epilepsy or asthma should also avoid using carrot seed oil. It is assumed that carrot oil is actually good for respiratory problems, but over usage of carrot oil can lead to concussions and vomiting.

Also try not to apply carrot seed oil on your skin without mixing it with some sort of carrier oil like coconut or olive. It is also important to stay indoors or cover up your body parts after applying them on the skin, at least for 2-3 days. In fact you can even try out a skin test to see whether the oil is good for your skin. Place a drop of carrot seed oil on a small portion of your skin and wait for a day. If there is no sign of skin irritations, it means carrot oil is perfectly suited to your skin.

Above all carrot oil has numerous benefits for hair and skin. However proper care must be taken while using them, as any change in proportions on either side might leave us to terrible conditions. So always make sure that use them in limited quantities.


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